May 21, 2024

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7 tips to enhance your mobile banking experience in 2022

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The increasing use of mobile applications in the financial sector has changed the whole scenario of banking operations. Banks today offer the best banking solutions through a mobile banking app. Customers can access any banking activities through the mobile app. IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app provides several facilities to enhance user experience.

Some tips to enhance user experience are:

1.Open a free online bank account

With the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app, the user can carry out almost any banking tasks through a new bank account without visiting a bank or waiting in long queues. You need not pay anything to open an online bank account, except submit your personal details and supporting documents. You can enjoy several benefits, like free ATM withdrawals, cashback offers, and high POS limits, by using a mobile banking app.

2.Link all your bank accounts on a single platform

With the help of a mobile banking app, you can access different bank accounts in the same bank or other banks from one place. You can conveniently manage money transfers from one bank account to another. The tools available on such an app are user-friendly and give the customer an option to link external bank accounts by providing the details. After the verification process, a customer can access the account through a netbank app. Customers can pay their credit card or utility bills, transfer money, and check balances via net banking.

3.Save money for the future   

The IDFC FIRST Bank’s new mobile banking app helps protect the users’ integrity by providing customizable services and securing transactions based on their needs. The app offers them money-saving tools through which they can save money for the future. The ‘invest’ feature available on the android banking app helps customers invest in mutual funds, debt funds, and equity funds. It also helps open a 3-in-1 account, which includes a trading, Demat, and savings bank account, to trade in equity and commodities.

4.Pay bills at your convenience 

The net banking application makes your bill payments very easy and convenient. Some quick ways to pay your bills through the app are QRC codes, the BHIM app, or UPI-enabled apps. Such bill payments are highly secured, safe, and reliable. Even aged people can handle these payment methods most simply and eliminate errors.

5.Get any type of loans 

The personal loan process through mobile applications requires minimal documentation. By using the ‘Loans’ option, you can apply for loans for buying a motor vehicle, smartphone, and home appliance. All you need is to upload supporting documents and the personal loan details you require.

Apart from the personal loan options, the customer can avail of instant personal loans in a few hours with a competitive interest rate without collateral security.

6.Bank securely

The two-way authentication process and biometrics ensure complete security for all your sensitive information.

7.Get round-the-clock assistance

Customers can enjoy timely help through an AI-powered chatbot. This facility has helped improve customer relationships for most banks by providing timely assistance on every query. Any new mobile banking app is now featured with push notifications and alerts to remind customers or bring to their notice any unusual account activity, each log-in, and low balance.

If you are still searching for the best mobile banking app, you need not go any further. By completing the net banking registration on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app, you can enjoy a personalized banking service.