April 22, 2024

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Essentials steps to take after a Construction Site Accident in Portland

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You would have hardly seen any construction site where there have not been any accidents. Be it a minor or a major one, a construction site is a dangerous place to be. Construction workers fall prey to accidents because of many reasons. If you are not aware of what accounts for a personal injury, click here to know more, and you will get to know all details about personal injury law in Portland throughout Oreland.

When should a construction worker seek legal advice?

-If a worker is injured due to negligence or fault of someone else at the site.

-If the injured worker is denied any medical care or missed wages by the employer, be it anybody’s fault.

The worker’s compensation rule will help you recover from a minor injury since only limited medical care would be required. However, if there is a major accident and the employer denies paying for the compensation, the worker can file a personal injury lawsuit against him.

What are some scenarios when the worker can file a case?

  • -If the employer has not abided with the safety protocols necessary to safeguard the workers on duty.
  • -If the worker is injured due to a faulty product or machine at the site.
  • -If the worker is injured due to someone else’s negligence or fault which is not employed by the employer.

There are many other scenarios in which the worker can file a personal injury case.

Like, Uncovered potholes, Operational hazards like unsafe types of equipment, Ladders, Cranes, Open Lifts, etc.

What are the steps to take in case of an accident?

1) If there is an accident, you should immediately contact an attorney.

  • -Attorney can have evidence like photographs of the accident site,
  • -Witnesses statements

2) The attorney would be able to examine and evaluate the case and then claim complete compensation from the negligent party. Be it the employer, employers insurance company, manufacturer of defective equipment. The attorney, at first, would always try to resolve the case out of court and settle the compensation since it would save a lot of time. However, if the negligent party denies compensating the amount, the attorney will move to court.


If you are critically injured and suffer a lot of pain, then worker compensation would not be enough to take due care of you and your family. Neither would it protect the hardships. An attorney with a good amount of experience can help you and your family get the compensation you deserve.