April 22, 2024

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How to Hire a Retail Leasing Expert from a Commercial Real Estate Agent

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It’s always challenging to discover a competent retail leasing expert in today’s commercial and retail real estate. Office leasing and industrial leasing are not the same as retail leasing. Leasing specialists in retail properties must be well-versed in tenant needs, rental tactics, and leasing opportunities. Each shopping center landlord we work with has its own set of needs regarding leasing and property performance.

Planning and knowledge

The retail leasing expert must have extensive experience in the profession, and with the clients they represent. Tenant growth, tenant mix strategy, and rental activity are part of the retail property and shopping center cycle. Each of these four parts must be integrated into the other three’s criteria. The balance between the customer, the tenant, the landlord, and the property must be well proportioned and organized for the shopping center to succeed.

Interrogate the Candidate

The hunt for a retail leasing expert to join your team as part of your commercial or retail property agency should include several inquiries and queries. Here are several suggestions to guide you with the process:

  1. The candidate must have extensive expertise in managing retail properties in different areas.
  2. Inquire about renting techniques that can be used in a variety of lease situations.
  3. The majority of retail leasing scenarios will entail lengthy lease negotiations and a lease incentive.
  4. Leasing a retail store in a shopping center requires careful consideration of the tenancy mix and the specific property.
  5. When leasing a retail property, franchise groups make up a significant component of the tenant mix and tenancy structure.
  6. You can’t be an effective leasing expert unless you thoroughly understand the mechanisms that govern retail lease structure and interpretation. Place lease paperwork in front of the job prospect and ask them to explain and demonstrate how they would read it.
  7. Today’s retail leasing specialist will need solid and reliable ties with the small business retail community to identify renters for any vacant tenancy. To ensure that the retail relationships exist, ask questions and look for documentation.


When you ask the appropriate questions during a job interview, you’ll be able to locate and recognize each candidate’s strengths and shortcomings. Make no mistake: retail leasing is a highly specialized procedure that necessitates hiring the right person with the correct background. Don’t squander your time by hiring the incorrect person. Make the best decision possible.