May 21, 2024

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How Your Business Can Host a Successful Holiday Fundraising Event

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As summer draws closer it’s hard to think about winter and the holiday season, but the fact is that it will arrive before you know it, so companies are wise to plan for any events well in advance. If your company is thinking about holding its first-ever holiday fundraiser event, you obviously want it to be a raging success, but that doesn’t happen by accident. There is planning involved to ensure everything goes off smoothly and successfully. Here is a closer look at how your business can host a successful holiday fundraising event in 2021.


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Figure Out the Cause or Charity You Will Support

The first thing you need to think about is what the fundraising effort is meant to help or support. What is the cause or charity you will be donating to? This will help to lead your promotional campaign, drum up interest, and get the kind of donations you’re hoping for. You may wish to keep things local and donate to a charity or service within the city/town your business is located in, or you can pick a larger organization that has a bigger operation.

Will This Be an Internal Event or Meant for the Customers/Public?

Now it’s time to determine who you will be raising money from. Is this meant to be an internal (company-only) fundraising event, or do you want to reach out to customers and the general public to get as much interest and potential donations possible? There is no right or wrong answer here; it’s just about identifying who your donators will be, so you can get the messaging right.

Narrow Down the Event Options

A big part of the fundraising success will hinge on the event itself. Will this be an online event, or do you plan to have an actual event that people attend in person? If you choose to hold a real event in which you require people to show up, then you want to be sure it’s exciting and fun.

Some great holiday fundraising event ideas include holding a cocktail party with employees and board members, set up a giving tree in the office where people can make specific types of donations,an ugly sweater party, host a charity auction, or even a big gala (ideal for larger sized businesses).

Give Lots of Notice

The final tip is to give plenty of notice so that people can save the date in their calendar. If this is an in-person event, you obviously want attendance to be high, so advance notice is a necessity. You should also follow up with reminders as the event draws closer; just to be sure it stays front and center in peoples’ minds.

On Your Way to Success

Using all of these tips together will help your business to put together a successful holiday fundraising event that meets the targets that you had set forth. And keep in mind; the earlier you start the planning process, the smoother the event will go.