April 22, 2024

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Traditional ICOs compared to Cryptocurrencies – what you need to know

Traditional ICOs


Have you ever heard of the term ICO, but you are unsure of its real meaning? Are you eager to learn more about it? If so, it’s mandatory to understand that ICO is the acronym for the initial coin offering, and it’s something like an Initial Public Offering, only in the crypto world. ICOs have managed to define the cryptocurrency industry.

In other words, when we are discussing Initial Coin Offerings, we are talking about a fundraising means in which one particular company is attracting investors who are looking for a big crypto score by releasing its authentic digital currency in exchange. It’s typically for a bitcoin.

The ICO calendar is there to provide information about the present initial coin offerings that are happening at the moment or will take place in the future in the space of the cryptocurrency. It’s possible to see all of the upcoming, active initial coin offerings on this type of calendar.

However, there were some rumors that cryptocurrencies are evolving past traditional ICOs, and we’d like to discuss this particular topic to clear some things for you.

How are cryptocurrencies evolving past traditional ICOs?

New Initial Coin offerings for impressive and legitimate sounding coins have been released alongside scams and mocking comments. Despite all that, ICOs have managed to generate more than $300,000 in funding, which was a big surprise for many skeptics out there.

If you are unaware of it, a traditional initial coin offering equals crowdfunding for a new coin. Many crypto startups are offering a new kind of cryptocurrency. After that, they accept funding from investors in exchange for a fixed amount of currency at a loss equal to their contributions.

If you are still unaware of it, a traditional ICO is comparable to crowdfunding for a new coin. A startup or group of developers offers a new variation of cryptocurrency. After that, they will accept funding from investors in exchange for a fixed amount of currency at a loss, which will be proportional to their contributions.

ICOs – gaining incredible popularity in 2017

After the growth spurt from Bitcoin, Initial Coin Offerings have become increasingly popular. Bitcoin went from a hardly noticeable novelty to the most-talked-about point of futurists, investors, techies, and individuals from all over the world, in a matter of months.

Since 2017, we’ve noticed a considerable decline in the total value and the exact number of Initial Coin Offerings. In January 2018, we witnessed more than approximately 160 independent Initial Coin Offering projects that have been ready to close.

A year and a half later, the Initial Coin Offerings were not there. Therefore, some analysts suppose that ICOs are no longer alive, while others predict an upcoming renaissance in ICOs. The main question is, what is the real future for cryptocurrencies?


Cryptocurrencies appear set to evolve beyond any need for ICOs. However, Initial Coin Offerings happen to be equally crucial as cryptocurrencies and are yet to show their real potential in the following years. Be patient and wait to see the real re-birth of your favorite Initial Coin Offerings to blow you away!