July 21, 2024

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Understanding the Cost of Tourist Visas for Europe

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There are numerous reasons behind the popularity of Europe. Its rich history, train rides, beautiful castles, and culinary delights together make it so special.

Although Europe is a dream destination of many,, only a few people know that visiting Europe has now become a piece of cake. How? Thanks to the Schengen visa.

Before visiting Europe, you must have complete knowledge about the tourist Schengen visa, its cost, and why it is necessary to have travel insurance for a Schengen visa.

What Is a Schengen Visa?

As per the Schengen agreement, if a person wants to travel to different Schengen countries in Europe, they only need a single (Schengen) visa for it.

In short, a Schengen visa allows tourists to cross the borders of different Schengen countries without needing individual visas for each country.

There are multiple Schengen visa categories, such as:

  • Business Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Working Visa
  • Tourist Visa

It is important to note that you can only get a Schengen visa if you have a travel insurance plan. So, before applying for this visa, you should first explore the types of travel insurance available and buy the one that suits your travel needs.

Who Needs a Tourist Schengen Visa?

Any person who wants to visit Schengen countries for tourism purposes is required to have a tourist Schengen visa.

This type of Schengen visa is generally given to those who are going to have a short stay in the Schengen countries. As for its validity, a tourist Schengen visa remains valid for 90 days.

Cost of Schengen Visa (Tourist Visa)

Multiple factors affect the cost of a tourist Schengen visa, such as nationality, duration of stay, age, etc. Here is a small overview of the application fee for a tourist Schengen visa.

Children (below 6) NIL
Children (between 6-12) €40
Adults €80

Apart from application fees, there can also be some other additional costs you may have to pay for getting a tourist Schengen visa, like:

  • Visa processing fee
  • Biometric data fee- could range between €5-15

To ensure that your tourist visa cost remains as low as possible, it is suggested that you gather all the necessary documents and then apply for a tourist visa. Some of them are:

  • Appropriately filled claim form
  • Passport size photograph
  • Passport
  • Flight tickets
  • Proof of accommodation (i.e., hotels booked for stay)
  • Proof of subsistence to show that you will be able to cover expenses during your trip.

Along with these, one of the most important documents that applicants often overlook is travel insurance.

It is mandatory to have Schengen travel insurance before applying for a Schengen tourist visa. Without travel insurance, your visa application will get rejected straightaway.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you buy travel insurance before getting a Schengen tourist visa.


Planning a trip to Europe requires careful planning. Understanding the visas available, the role of the Schengen visa, and the cost of applying for a visa is important to protect yourself from hidden costs later.

In addition to these points, Schengen visa insurance also plays a key role in a trip to Europe.

With this insurance, you will have your insurer by your side who will help you in case anything goes wrong during your trip, such as health-related issues, trip cancellation or delay, or if you get into an accident.