May 21, 2024

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What are the common mistakes to avoid in the Amazon affiliate program?

how to become an Amazon associate


Amazon affiliate program is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to make a decent income. However, affiliate marketers should know more about the marketing strategies in detail that will help get high conversion rates. A majority of marketers don’t know how to make money from the program and they should focus more on getting ideas from various sources. This, in turn, gives ways to generate more revenues significantly. Those who want to generate money should avoid some mistakes after the signup process.

Here are some mistakes to avoid in the Amazon affiliate program.

Hiding/ cloaking affiliate links

Amazon’s links are very length in structure and some marketers use some tools to shorten them. This technique is called ‘link cloaking’ which involves hiding the shape of a link and Amazon doesn’t encourage the practice. Anyone willing to shorten the links can consider using Amazon’s shortened tools to gain more advantages.

Having more than one account

Amazon affiliate program doesn’t allow multiple accounts when a person wants to earn more income. Therefore, one should know how to become an Amazon associate after reading the terms and conditions. Having a single account is enough for multiple sites that will help earn high revenues.

Sharing affiliate links via email marketing

Email marketing is one of the strategies used by businesses for creating impacts on customers to get the desired results. However, sharing the affiliate links of Amazon via email marketing is an offense and marketers should avoid the practice to prevent unwanted issues.

Including links in eBooks or PDF documents

Electronic books and PDF documents are the best ways to engage the audience while selling products. At the same time, affiliate marketers should avoid them which will help a lot to lower the risks.

Not using images or links properly

Amazon marketers should avoid taking screenshots or downloading images from the company’s website. Instead, they should the dedicated service offered by Amazon to upload them on a website. They can even use SiteStripe to get images included in content legally.

No sales in 180 days

If a website doesn’t make any sales in 180 days, then Amazon will ban the account and affiliates can’t regain their account even they make sales after that time frame. Hence, it is important to monitor the activities regularly to minimize any unwanted issues. On the other hand, affiliates can get a new account with a new affiliate account when they don’t make 3 sales within this period.

Not having a good website

A good website is necessary for Amazon affiliate marketing and affiliates should make sure that it has the best images and other features. Not only that, they should ensure that it has decent traffic in search engines.

Not giving attention to SEO

Affiliate marketers should give more attention to SEO practices because they play a key role in getting more visibility. They should have a basic knowledge of SEO that will help a lot to get high conversion rates.