June 15, 2024

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Why is coin collection so popular?

Why is coin collection so popular?


Coin Collection is the most popular hobby right from ages. People collect ancient coins which have unique carvings on them. The minute details on the coins make it a thing of beauty. Avid numismatist draw attention to the antique coins, making them collect coins way back, which were used 100 or 1000 years ago.

It includes the fields of history, economics and geography thereby makes the coin collection a precious experience which you don’t get in other fields. A person having a rare coin with him is considered as the most valued. Earlier coins were a medium of exchange, but now as paper currency took over coins, coins are becoming bygones. Coins were first minted by Lydians as written in the ancient history. Coins are a small, flat, round shaped pieces of metal. They initiated coins as method of payment around the fifth Century BCE. A small amount of gold or silver or copper is placed on a coin mold on a rock. Then the maker will place the second coin on it and hammers it. Present-day coins are minted through hydraulic press which fills the gaps of machine’s mold. Therefore, coins come in various elements namely gold, silver and copper along with different colors. The world is switching more to paper currency as it is more portable compared to coins which are less portable but are more durable compared to paper notes.

The High Metal Value

One of the major reasons for coin collection is its metal value. As coins come in gold and silver, they make it more valuable. Each passing day the gold and silver value increases. So, for the numismatist, it is beneficial and at the same time they are indulging in their passions. But they mostly do it for their personal pleasure instead of expecting a profit from it. These collectors will place their collection at an auction where the buyers buy them expecting that the value increases over time and thereby the circulation goes on from one person to the other. So the returns are definitely high and it doesn’t end you up in loss. Collectors are not only certain aged people but all the age groups, from a 11-year old to 62-year old. Everyone is crazy about coins. It often starts from the leftover change with us. From there, the beginning of coin collection starts. Apart from that, children use coins for tracing for fun. As coins have less value as compared to paper currency, in olden times the cost of living was also low. When the currency value has increased, the cost of living also has increased. Soon, coins may vanish and few of them can only be seen in the museums as exhibits.