April 22, 2024

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An Expert’s POV on the Importance of Travel Insurance Policy

Travel Insurance Policy


A great deal of preparation must be done in advance of any trip. There are plane tickets to buy, hotels to reserve, luggage to pack, and so on. However, there is one thing that travellers frequently forget. That’s travel insurance, and the reason people often overlook it is because they do not understand its significance.

The consequences of not having travel insurance can be significant. Tourists must buy insurance from a reputed company such as Bajaj Allianz travel insurance before booking their vacation.

The cost of travel insurance depends on the destination, how long it will be, the traveller’s age, and what kind of coverage the travellers want. The price of travel insurance can be primarily based on how much risk the insurer may be taking. Some travellers may not think it’s necessary, but the potential loss from a cancelled trip, delay, or emergency would be more significant.

Insurance for international trips is usually more expensive than insurance for trips within the country. This is because insurance companies set different levels of risk for each country or region. E.g., travel insurance for Dubai would be pricier than that for Kerala.

Here’s why experts say it’s so important to buy travel insurance.

  • Medical emergencies: When travellers get sick or hurt in an unknown territory, it might be too much to run around to find health care. On top of that, the situation could quickly get worse if they can’t pay for the same. It is essential for people who already have health problems or are planning to be away for a long time.

Some insurers won’t cover pre-existing medical conditions, while others will raise the premiums to cover the risk.

Even if a country has nationalised health care, non-citizens may not be covered, and those without travel insurance may have to pay large medical bills out of pocket.

  • Trip cancellation: Many all-inclusive travel insurance plans cover trip cancellation, and travellers who have already paid for their trip can get up to 100% of their money back. A trip might have to be cancelled for many reasons, like getting hurt or sick without warning or something beyond a tourist’s control. As with any type of insurance, experts recommend that travellers carefully review the acceptable reasons for a trip cancellation approved by an insurance provider.
  • Loss of passport: If travellers lose their passport while travelling abroad, it could cause unnecessary trouble and cost. Travellers can look for international travel insurance online and ensure that the plan covers the costs associated with passport loss and save themselves a lot of trouble.
  • Loss of baggage:A travel insurance plan would cover travellers if they don’t get their checked-in luggage on time or if it gets lost in transit. Often, airlines give people unsatisfactory answers and urge them to wait for a whole day or just refuse to find their bags. In this situation, travel insurance can come in handy.

To sum up, experts recommend buying travel insurance to cover a lot of uncertainties when trips do not go as per plan. A comprehensive Bajaj Allianz travel insurance plan can get any tourist covered for most possible risks at affordable premiums.

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