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Pro tips and facts about resale certificate

resale certificate


If you are an online seller who does not manufacture their products, you will likely need to deal with a resale certificate.

A resale certificate, also known as a seller’s permit, allows every business to purchase items without having to pay any sales tax. A retail certificate is issued by the state and is similar to any sales tax permit. However, using the resale certificate involves more than simply walking into a store and walking out with the desired items. Businesses must ensure they are properly registered and follow certain procedures when using a resale certificate.

Resale certificate

A resale certificate is a crucial document that certifies the legitimacy of any retailer or purchaser. This certificate is used while buying products with an intention of reselling them or even incorporating them as components in products that are to be resold.

This certificate serves them as proof to suppliers or wholesalers that any buyer is exempting from paying the sales tax on the purchased items. It helps them streamline their business transactions and ensures a compliance with tax regulations. Ultimately, it allows businesses to maintain accurate records and avoid unnecessary costs.

Important facts about resale certificate

  1. To use a resale certificate, you generally need to hold on a sales tax permit, unless you live in a state that has no sales tax policy. States may issue a separate document or any separate ID number might use as a resale certificate. When giving resale certificates to different retailers, a copy must be kept for each transaction, unlike sales tax permits that need to be displayed. Some states offer free templates of resale certificates for download to facilitate the process.
  2. Resale certificates are regulated mainly on a state level and each state has got its own rules and regulations for the usage and acceptance. It’s important to understand their specific rules of a state while using or accepting any resale certificate in order to avoid the legal issues.
  3. Resale certificates can only be used to purchase items that are intended for resale or component parts for items that will be resold. This varies from state to state, but the general rule applies everywhere. For example, a resale certificate can be used in buying clothes that will be sold in a retail store, but not to buy clothes for any personal use. It’s important to understand the specific regulations in your state ensuring that you use resale certificates appropriately.
  4. This verification process typically involves for checking the expiration date of the certificate and ensuring that it includes all necessary information, like the buyer’s name and address. Sellers may as well choose to require additional documentation, such as a business license or federal tax ID number, to further validate the buyer’s status as a reseller. By taking these steps, sellers can avoid the costly mistake of failing to collect sales tax on invalid resale certificates.
  5. If you encounter a situation where your resale certificate is rejected while purchasing items for resale, there is a possibility of recovering the sales tax when you file your sales tax return.

Avoid hassels for getting a resale certificate

Most states accept validated resale certificate from one state to make tax-free purchases for resale. However, Alabama, California, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and many other states in US do not allow this exchange. Therefore, businesses operating in these states always require a separate resale certificate for each state as they purchase inventory in.

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At last

Retailers can use this certificate to purchase products they might resell or even rent, and components they are planning to sell. It is illegal to use any retail certificate to buy items for personal use. Avoid any potential issues by thoroughly filling out resale certificates before presenting them to vendors. Vendors may be liable for any unpaid sales tax, if they accept an incomplete or fraudulent certificate. Be sure to fill out the certificate completely to remove any hassle and ensure a smooth transaction.