April 22, 2024

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This is How a Marriage Loan Can Help You Manage Unexpected Wedding Costs!

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Weddings bring a lot of things to our mind, but one of the most pressing thoughts is that of the budget. Though you might have saved for years for the big day, wedding expenses are infamous for bulging the budget. Whether it is your wedding dress or jewellery, your bachelorette, or an extra event that came up last moment, unprecedented wedding expenses are the most common thing about Indian weddings. As such, a marriage loan can help you manage all the unexpected wedding costs. You can just download the best loan app on your phone and apply for a quick loan in a few minutes.

With the advent of online loan, availinga marriage loan has become easier than ever. It requires minimal documentation, has simple eligibility criteria and the entire process is digitalized. From submitting your application and documents to getting the loan amount into your account, everything is done through the app. This makes it an online loan app the perfect financing tool to meet your wedding expenses at the nick of time. In addition to this, you can easily keep a track on your loan account through the app. This makes repayment simpler and easier.

How can a marriage loan help you manage unexpected wedding costs?

Here is how a marriage loan can help you in managing your unexpected wedding costs –

1. Wedding Invitations

When finalizing the wedding budget many people hardly consider the invitation card as a big-ticket expense. There are many options when it comes to wedding cards and you might just end up falling in love with the one that costs a bit higher than your budget. As such, a marriage loan can help you easily accommodate this marriage expense without stressing your budget.

2. Wedding Dress and Jewellery

One of the wedding expenses that often stand non-negotiable is the wedding dress and jewellery. The prices of couture jewellery and designer dresses are sky-rocketing. But their exclusive look and great fit often melts the heart and you end up stretching your budget. But if you are running short on cash or if you are thinking about swiping your credit card, then you might consider checking out the best loan app and apply for an online loan.

3. Make-up and Photography

Wedding make-up and photography are two booming sectors that are now considered as important as the wedding rituals. Hiring a professional photographer and a good make-up artist can add magic to your D-Day. But they can charge you in lakhs, from the pre-wedding shoot to covering the entire wedding; this is a big-ticket wedding expense that you can meet with a wedding loan.

4. Last Minute Guests

Indian weddings have an elaborate guest list and you never know the exact number of guests that would show up on the D-day. Extra guests from the close family also mean that you have to arrange for accommodation, gifts, food and more. This can easily jolt your budget. In such a situation, getting a marriage loan can help.

5. Getting gifts for the family

In many cultures across India, giving gifts to the close family is considered a tradition and with the tight knit of a long lineage this can cost you in lakhs. Firstly, you cannot compromise on the quality of your gifts, secondly the list is long. As such, opting for an online loan can help you make a great first impression in the family.

6. Overtime Penalty

When you reserve a wedding venue or a caterer, you do so for a specific amount of time. But occasionally, all the procedures might exceed that time, which could result in overtime fees. In addition to that, you might request for additional services like music or décor at the last moment. This could also add to your budget. As such an online loan through the best loan app can help you pay off these extra expenses.

7. Hotel Bookings and Transportation

In Indian weddings, hospitality is very important. Many families tend to offer tickets, hotel bookings and pick and drop facilities to their guests. The entire experience of the guests for the wedding is considered very important. Thus, this one could be one of the biggest expenses that skipped your mind in the initial calculations. You can rely on an online loan to meet these expenses.


It is quite normal for any of us to face any of these unforeseen wedding expenses. No matter how well you plan your budget or calculate your expenses, going overboard is very common. That’s why it is ideally recommended to keep some of your savings aside for these expenses. But in case, that do not suffice, you can consider getting an online loan through a loan app. This option is much more affordable than liquidating your assets or pulling out your investments. A wedding loan through the best loan app is convenient, affordable and easy to repay.